Strengthen Team Spirit Through Customized Challenge Coins


There are now small coins that can be customized to represent a certain organization, these coins are usually called challenge coin. These coins are often used to identify members and a proof as well that they are truly members of a particular group. The first to employ these system are those involved in the military. The origin of these challenging coins is a bit unclear since there are tons of stories involved in it. Most people believed that these coins originated from the army air services of the US during the World War I.

If you have your own organization then of course you would want something distinctive to represent your group. Customized coins is the best way to express creativeness and make sure all the necessary details for your group are included. What organizations do is engrave the logo and motto on these Custom Challenge Coins which makes it more unique and personalized. If you want your team to feel united then you can make use of these challenging coins not to mention its bearer would feel proud being a part of your team. You can already search for makers of these coins online so you just need to be patient in finding the right seller. Customized challenge coins is a perfect item for those who are in the military for instance an fbi challenge coin, they are also good for those involved in a certain sports, club, church groups, business associations and more.

There are other terms used to identify these coins some of it includes commander’s coins, unit challenge coins, military coins and memorial coins. Having this coins symbolizes a lot of things like support and becoming loyal with a certain organization. A customized challenged coin is something that most people cherish because it represents the organization they belong to. These are also used by commanders to promote team spirit as well as boost the self-esteem of their members. Look for more facts about challenge coins at

Another purpose why these create challenge coins are made is to serve as a reminder of how a member of a certain group should behave since it basically represents their group. This can be used as a common ground for people. Another character, one can portray in having these coins is loyalty.

This also allows a person to be responsible by making sure they don’t misplace the coin. One of the rules in carrying this coin around is defacing it, you are not allowed to do it. Though some people do it for ease and convenience still you have to know that once you put a hole on the coin to make it as necklace or connect it to some kind of key ring, it is no longer considered a challenge coin.


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